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RFID clothing management

Clothing inventory:

The core competitiveness of the retail industry is a low-cost and efficient logistics supply chain system. At present, the problems of high inventory cost, low service efficiency, and low information accuracy have caused great trouble to retailers.

Minghua's intelligent retail management system developed for the pain points of apparel retailers, using RFID technology to establish a safe and reliable management mode, to achieve rapid scanning and reading of products in the process of receiving and dispatching, inventory, warehouse management, store management, store security, etc. Take the real-time monitoring of the products from raw materials to semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, distribution, shelves, sales, and even return processing.

System composition:

Minghua is a total solution tailored to the global apparel retail industry and its complementary products and services, including supply chain and store management, label printing and data management.

The apparel retail supply chain and store management solutions are the most powerful item level RFID application solutions on the market today and in the future. Developed for apparel brand and retailer business processes, the solution is based on cutting-edge IoT technology and big data architecture. It is an end-to-end (E2E) item-level supply chain and store management solution with outstanding performance. Capacity expansion, integration and scalability to simplify the deployment of RFID retail applications and maximize return on investment (ROI); while continuing to iterate based on user needs, maintaining product advancement and applicability.

Label printing and data management solutions designed to help large apparel brands around the world overcome business challenges and meet fast-paced global sourcing needs. The solution offers maximum flexibility and control for label-on-demand printing. Users can perform label EPC coding, label format design and label printing at any time and place, and verify the printed labels.