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RFID student safety management

system introduction

1. System principle: The basic operation principle of this system is roughly that each student only needs one RFID or wireless sensor identification card. After arriving at the school gate, the sensor near the school gate will read the logo and transmit the information to the computer. The computer sends a text message to the relevant student's parent mobile phone, such as "Dad, I have arrived at school safely" "Dad, I am going to school, I will go home in a while", and also keep in and out information of all students in the computer. And organize it into a report for schools and parents to inquire. Using the SMS platform, the class teacher can send each student's school study and living conditions to the parents' mobile phones in a timely or irregular manner, and avoid the teacher's one-by-one notification or the parents' absence of the parent meeting. Barrier, convenient and fast. This similar system has been widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Europe, and has become a bridge for communication between teachers and parents.

2. The basic composition of the system is shown in the figure

The home school system can achieve the following functions: parents can be assured of SMS notifications (safety messages), students arrive at the school notice: students enter the school gate as usual, no need to do anything, the system will automatically identify the student information, and automatically send a parent to the student SMS, notify parents that the child has arrived safely; the student leaves the school notice: the student leaves the school door as usual, without any operation, the system automatically recognizes the student information and automatically sends a text message to the parents to inform the parents that the child has left the school. Student attendance records students enter and leave the school to automatically record attendance status, and generate attendance reports for school statistics. Teacher and Parent's SMS Interactive School Notice: The teacher sends the parent meeting, the fee notice, the parent's notice to the parents, etc.; the student notice: the teacher sends the student's classroom performance, homework, performance comments, test scores, recent status, etc. For parents; parent message box: parents can send text messages to the student class teacher, school leaders leave a message. School-assisted SMS mobile office meeting notice: SMS sends school internal meeting notice; personal timed reminder: custom personal message is sent regularly, convenient for transaction reminder.

3. Home school communication system communication diagram: