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Hydroelectric gas

With the development of the card industry, there are more and more occasions where a small card appears. The ensuing people are paying more and more attention to the issue of card security. With the logical encryption card

Declaring the crack, the replacement of the card is also imminent.

For some occasions where high security is required, the CPU card of the key management system is widely used. In view of the fact that the Minghua company has introduced a key management system, the security of the entire system can be effectively guaranteed.

The key management system plays a very important role in the entire charging system. Only the key management system is safe to talk about the security of other links.

The key management system has the following features:

The key management system uses the 3DES algorithm allowed by the state to implement key management functions such as key generation, decentralization, and transmission;

The CPU card and ESAM module used in the system are products that have been tested by the state to ensure the security of the hardware;

The key system used by gas is divided into three levels. At each card issuance stage, it has high security. It must use various authentication cards and management cards when issuing cards. It can be used when mutual authentication reaches the use right.

The key management system and the hardware security device used therein operate in a closed environment, do not connect to the Internet, and avoid attacks on the network;

Both the card and the key in the ESAM are transmitted through the ciphertext to avoid line monitoring.