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RFID new retail

RFID new retail is a new retail model that uses RFID radio frequency identification technology to quickly and accurately identify commodity information in the unmanned retail industry, dining and dining halls, jewelry, and pharmaceutical sales industries, and completes the cash register automatically or unattended.

The main implementation methods are unmanned stores: each item is affixed with an RFID electronic tag, and an RFID reader is installed at the cash register location to read the purchased product information and complete the automatic settlement mode with the mobile phone;

Unmanned vending cabinet: RFID readers and antennas are installed in the retail box to detect the quantity of goods in the box in real time. The customer scans the QR code to open the door, takes the goods and closes the door to start the inventory. The difference is sold. Goods, mobile phones complete settlement;

Self-service settlement of the food and beverage hall: Integrate the RFID electronic label at the bottom of the dish, and the whole dish will come to the cashier to automatically identify the food information, swipe the card or pay by mobile phone;

The application of RFID in jewellery is mainly to prevent the loss of high-value jewellery. It is to install RFID readers at the bottom of the booth to monitor the jewellery information of the booth in real time. When someone picks up the jewels, it reminds the salesperson to pay attention and can be used as the identity label of the jewellery, anti-counterfeiting and Traceability application.

As a new and efficient automatic identification technology, RFID has brought new marketing methods to the retail industry to make up for the shortcomings of the original retail mode.

UHF unmanned retail cabinet

RFID smart catering self-service cash register system